Price of Inaction (aka Procrastination)

Victoria Ras
1 min readOct 26, 2022
Image from HiP Paris.

You are sitting at your work desk, in the office or home-office.

There are tasks you need to work on, or you can, but you must notnow. Will you work on them?

Most probably not. Most of us will not do it. And, most of us will feel bad next day. Any Inaction triggers a powerful emotion as an Action. We feel guilty for doing something bad. And, will also feel guilty for not doing something right. There is no way out of Guilt.

The danger of any “harmless” negative emotion such as Guilt is that, if felt repeatedly, they truly shape our Minds, aka us. If I feel guilty every day, Guilt becomes my primary response to any new event in life.

Therefore, break this chain of constant supplies of nagging, negative Emotions caused by Inaction. They are real. They are shaping you and your life in the background…