Reality (barriers, failures, distractors and conflicts)

Victoria Ras
2 min readAug 13, 2022


Image from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

There are Barriers all around, both inside and outside. Inside are your anxieties, heavy self-attacks, and prejudices. Outside is bureaucracy, rules, standard procedures, timelines, and requirements.

There are Failures all around, both inside and outside. You fail to control your anger. You fail to ignore your fear. You fail to accept and be patient. Outside you see no failure. Everyone hides them. Sometimes it is right. But mostly, it is wrong. Failure is far more normal than success.

There are Distractors all around. Inside are your unhealed “living” emotions and uncontrollable feelings, cravings, needs. Outside is your phone.

There are Conflicts all around. Your morning starts with a conflict. You do not want to wake up, but you have to. Your evening ends with a conflict. You have to go to bed, but you do not want to. You want to express what you truly think of your colleague, but you must keep it to yourself. There are time conflicts, distance conflicts, and resource conflicts.

“So what?” you are asking.

Stop chasing a positive mindset. The hallmark of a healthy mindset is accepting things as they are. Then they become “neutral.” And, when all the above is neutral for you, they have no power over you.