Upregulation (benefiting from Stressors)

Victoria Ras
1 min readNov 2, 2022


Image from Ladyfashioniser.

Today I heard a lecture of Nassim Taleb. Brilliant as usual. And, he mentioned a beautiful concept “Upregulation”.

In my understnding, upregulation happens when you benefit from your Reaction to the outside stressors.

For example, if there are lack of resources or Power available to you, you become more creative, patient and smarter. Your Attitude ripens.

If you have lack of time, you become more efficient. Your Focus sharpens. Your Priorities somehow line up themselves.

If work in a very volatile and nervous environment, with difficult or incompetent colleagues, you become extremely intelligent, calm and very professional. Your Communication skills improve themselves, out of necessity.

If you live in a very unstable environment, with insecurity all around and all the time, all your senses sharpen up. Your intution becomes laud and sees clearly. You become more resilient, intelligent and creative.

Outside stressors and challenges are not actually always bad. They trigger Upregulation in you.